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Exceptional hardship or mitigating circumstances

If a driving ban through totting up (the accumulation of 12 or more penalty points within a three year period from the date of the offence being committed) would result in exceptional hardship to you or to someone else it may be possible to argue “exceptional hardship” or “mitigating circumstances” to avoid being banned or to obtain a shorter ban. Any circumstances considered in the previous three years to reduce or avoid a totting up ban cannot be taken into account.

Evidence of the exceptional hardship will be required as the onus will be on the applicant to show exceptional hardship.

Examples of “exceptional hardship” or “mitigating circumstances” includes:

  • Loss of employment
  • Personal/financial implications
  • Impact on business
  • Impact on employees
  • Impact on family members
  • Inability to care for elderly, disabled, sick or vulnerable individuals

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