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Ancestry visas

An Ancestry visa is a visa issued by the United Kingdom to Commonwealth citizens with a grandparent born in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man who wish to work in the United Kingdom.

You can apply for a UK Ancestry visa if you:

  • are a Commonwealth citizen
  • are applying from outside the UK
  • are able to prove that one of your grandparents was born in the UK
  • are able and planning to work in the UK
  • meet the other eligibility requirements

The requirements are:

  • s/he is 17 or over
  • s/he has enough money without help from public funds to support and house her/him/self and any dependants
  • can and plan to work in the UK

The applicant must also show that s/he has a grandparent born in one of the following circumstances:

  • in the UK, including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man
  • before 31 March 1922 in what is now the Republic of Ireland
  • on a British-registered ship or aircraft

You can claim ancestry if either you or the relevant parent:

  • were adopted
  • were born within or outside marriage in the UK
  • UK ancestry cannot be claimed through step-parents

An application that is not carefully and thoroughly prepared will likely be refused. I can advise and assist you with this process. I will carefully and thoroughly prepare your ancestry visa application. Please contact me free of charge today to discuss how I can assist.

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